Trotwood apartment complex condemned after vicious EF4 tornado

Their homes were ravaged by a violent EF4 tornado, and now, many people living in the Westbrooke Village Apartments in Trotwood don’t know what they’ll do next after their complex was condemned and they were told they had until Sunday to move their belongings.

Not everyone at the Westbrooke Village Apartments were as lucky as Philon Franklin. Many units were destroyed. But after Sunday, no matter the damage everyone is going to have to move.

“Scary. I mean, you have to start all back over,” Franklin told News Center 7’s James Rider.

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Behind the apartment complex is a church. It’s set up as a distribution center to help provide food, water, clothes and supplies for tornado victims.

“It is the heart of the community. We purchased this church in 2014, at that point it had been closed for six years but it had a 50-year history of serving this particular community and we want to keep that in mind so it was our responsibility,” said the Rev. Norman Scearce III, pastor of the Gateway Cathedral.

Neighbors said they’re appreciative of all the help, but the biggest worry for some is finding a place to sleep.

“I’ve got a place to go. Some people don’t. So what do they do?” Franklin said.

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The American Red Cross has several shelters set up across the area for people displaced by the 15 tornadoes that ripped through the area Memorial Day. Shelters are at Morton Middle School in Vandalia and Corinthian Baptist Church in Dayton.

“I’m just praying right now I’ve got good friends that are praying for me.” Franklin said. “I’ve got friends that are looking out in different areas. I get emails, texts, call this place, try this place. Between the community and network we’re going to try to get through this.”

Residents of the Westbrooke Village Apartments are also unfortunately dealing with looting. Sheriff’s deputies from Montgomery County say any looters will be arrested and prosecuted.