Top 10 places in the Miami Valley with the most traffic cases

Top 10 places in Miami Valley for traffic cases

Every town has that spot where people are more likely to get a ticket. Whether it’s a so-called speed trap at the bottom of a hill or a town with reduced speed limits, some areas have a reputation for having more traffic citations.

In 2017, nearly 300 courts submitted traffic case information to the Ohio Supreme Court. Throughout the state, two of the towns with most cases were in Clark County.

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Within the Miami Valley, Warren County made the top 10 the most, with four towns making the list.

Here are 10 towns in the Miami Valley with the most traffic cases:

  • North Hampton, Clark County: 194.8 cases per 100 people
  • Tremont City, Clark County: 122.4 cases per 100 people
  • Harveysburg, Warren County: 94.7  cases per 100 people
  • Maineville, Warren County: 37.6 cases per 100 people
  • Seven Mile, Butler County: 34.4 cases per 100 people
  • Morrow, Warren County: 31.3 cases per 100 people
  • Waynesfield, Auglaize County: 26.4 cases per 100 people
  • Rockford, Mercer County: 23.1 cases per 100 people
  • Moraine, Montgomery County: 21.9 cases per 100 people
  • Waynesville, Warren County: 20.2 cases per 100 people
On Thursday, Jan. 31, the I-Team investigates some of the top speed traps in the Miami Valley. Make sure to tune in at 5:30 p.m. to News Center 7.