Tips for drivers: Avoiding deer-related crashes

MIAMI VALLEY — This time of year has Ohio safety departments cautioning drivers to look for deer while they are out on the roads.

There have been 100,672 deer-related crashes on Ohio’s roads since 2016, according to statistics from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP).

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Ninety-five percent of deer-related crashes caused only property damage, but 27 of them did end in death. Forty-seven percent of the crashes involving deer happened in October, November, and December, the OSHP reported.

AAA, The Ohio Department of Insurance, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources are offering drivers tips on how to avoid animal collisions and what to do if you are involved in a deer-related crash this fall.

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How to avoid a deer-related crash:

  • Scan the road ahead
  • Use high-beam headlights
  • Be extra cautious at dawn and dusk
  • If a collision is unavoidable, apply brakes firmly and remain in your lane

What to do if you hit a deer:

  • Call police
  • Avoid making contact with the deer
  • Activate the vehicle’s hazard lights
  • If possible, move vehicle to a safe location out of the road and wait for help
  • Contact insurance agent or company representative as quickly as possible to report any vehicle damage