Tipp City School community honors principal

Tipp City School community honors principal

TIPP CITY — Tipp City School parents, teachers, and students honored one of the district’s principals in a big way Friday.

Galen Gingerich is affectionately known simply as “Mr. G”. He’s in his 25th year with the district, 20 of which has been as a principal.

In early October a facebook post about Mr. G walking a student to school that had had a tough couple of days. This story of an act of kindness sparked many stories and comments about Mr. G.

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Tipp City parents knew they had to do something to show the beloved principal how much he is appreciated.

For Boss’s Day they surprised Gingerich with pictures drawn by each student, along with notes, and even some gifts.

Nancy Sowder was the first teacher hired by Gingerich when he joined the district. Sowder teachers first grade at Coppock Elementary. Her daughter taught at the school previously as well. Nancy, like so many, raved about Principal Gingerich.

“He knows every student’s name, he knows every student in this school,” Sowder said.

“He knows every student he’s ever had by name and he knows their parents' names and he knows what activities they participate in.”

As part of the special day some students wore shirts with guitars on them along with the words “Mr. G Rocks.” Some have masks that say “Mr. G.”

They wanted to do something nice for the man that so often goes above and beyond on a regular basis and simply sees it as doing his job.

“When these kids are here they’re mine,” Gingerich said. “They’re going to be mine like they’re my own kids.”

One of the special things he does on a regular basis is he has a nickel operated candy machine in his office and for a kid’s birthday they get to come in and get a handful of skittles to eat.

“They appreciate the extra things that he does,” Sowder said.

“The birthday cards he sends to kids. The kid that misses the bus he says come get in my car, I’m going to take you home. A child that is scared to come into the school he’s going to walk them into the building.”

Gingerich said he knew he wanted to be a teacher when he was in high school. He’s even been a principal for students that have gone on to become teachers themselves.

“Feels great to be loved,” Mr. G said.

“I think it’s just a passion that I have. It’s a passion to be here for kids and kids love being here.”

The plan is to laminate all of the pictures the children drew for him, along with the accompanying notes, to put into a book that he can keep forever.

When he reads all the notes and messages this weekend Gingerich said it’ll be very emotional. Typically he shrugs off praise, credit, or the limelight and let’s others read and enjoy kind messages. This time thought he’ll read every word as parents, teachers, and students try to express just how much they appreciate everything he does for them every day of the year.