I-Team: Are votes, voting equipment secure?

I-Team: Are votes, voting equipment secure?

MIAMI Valley — After more than 6,200 votes weren’t counted in Miami County in 2018 and a national breach in voting, many people are concerned that their votes won’t count.

The 6,288 uncounted votes in Miami County were discovered were discovered when the Secretary of State’s Office reviewed the election results and contacted the elections office Dec. 20, 2018, because numbers did not match the county’s voter history.

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The discrepancy occurred on Election Night when voting equipment did not pull all of the vote total data.

The votes uncounted were those cast by early voters who came to the elections office at the county courthouse and voted on the touch-screen voting machines. The certified totals did include the paper absentee ballots.

The Ohio Secretary of State’s Office opened an investigation, interviewing board members and county board of election staff and reviewing all documents.

The Miami County Board of Elections fired Director Beverly Kendall in January 2019.

The board also approved amended certified results of the election to reflect the counting of the previously uncounted votes.

News Center 7’s Jim Otte takes a closer look at how secure our votes are and what’s being done to keep voting machines safe. For more details, tune in Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m.