7 surprising things you really shouldn’t be recycling

Despite our best intentions, most of us are throwing things in our recycling bin we shouldn't. And, that????€??™s a bigger problem now that China has drastically tightened standards on recyclable imports. News Center 7????€??™s Cheryl McHenry investigated why the cost of recycling is going up and ...
Your bad recycling habits may be contributing to a rise in costs.
News Center 7 Anchor Cheryl McHenry investigates why the cost of recycling is going up, and what we can all do to keep from paying more Monday, Nov. 12, beginning at 5 p.m.

While it might seem to make sense to separate and recycle all of your paper and plastic products, a lot of it cannot be recycled. Things people CAN recycle in their curbside bins include plastic bottles and jugs, metal and aluminum cans, paper boxes, glass bottles and jars, cardboard boxes and tubes, and newspapers. Here are seven items you shouldn't be recycling:

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1. Plastic bags

2. Strapping, cords, other plastic bindings

3. Batteries and light bulbs

4. Plastic yogurt cups

5. Butter tubs

6. Plastic trays

7. Styrofoam