Making it ‘Wright:’ Ohio BMV fixes error on new license plate; 35,000 incorrect plates printed

The state of Ohio has corrected the error on the new license plate that will be released later this year, but not before 35,000 erroneous plates were already printed.

“We will recycle the 35,000 plates that had been printed,” a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Public Safety said. “It is too early to know about if there will be any additional cost.”

The newly designed license plate for the state of Ohio had an error surrounding the Wright Flyer, which is featured as part of a banner on the top of the new plate.

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“We are aware that the plane on the new Ohio license plate unveiled this morning was oriented in the wrong direction,” the Ohio Department of Public Safety said in a statement. “We regret this mistake and have fixed the image.”

The 1903 Wright Flyer was flown with the pilot facing the smaller gliders on the front of the airplane.

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On the originally released image of the new plate, the banner read “Birthplace of Aviation” and was attached to the front of the airplane as the airplane travels toward the banner instead of the rear of the plane.


The new plate, unveiled Thursday morning, will be the first change to the standard Ohio license plate since 2013 when it is released to the public Dec. 29.

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