Scholarship funded to help local nursing students

DAYTON — As the shortage of nurses continues through the pandemic, some local nursing students are getting financial help.

Four nursing students from the University of Dayton will be the recipients of scholarships that will help carry them through four years of study at the university.

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Jenny Lewis, Assistant Vice President for Philanthropy at Premier Health, said the pandemic has “underscored staffing shortages across many industries,” especially in health care.

“Our region needs to strengthen that pipeline for nurses and these scholarships will do just that,” Lewis said.

Jennifer Howe, Vice President of University Advancement at the University of Dayton, told News Center 7′s Candace Price that the scholarships will, at a minimum, provide between $5,000 and $8,000 in additional financial aid to recipients.

“The support they will receive once they move to that third or fourth year increases to reflect what we know tends to be financial barriers to completing the full degree,” Howe said.

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Two students will receive the scholarships next fall and two more will receive the scholarships in fall 2024.

The scholarship was established by Mary Boosalis, President and CEO of Premier Health. Howe said she believes the fund will continue for years to come.

“Overtime this fund will grow even if Mary never makes another gift. She’s left it open for other to contribute,” Howe said.