Residents share concerns over newly proposed roundabout at Oakwood Five Point Intersection

OAKWOOD — Residents joined in the conversation about the efficiency and safety of the proposed roundabout at the Oakwood Five Point Intersection.

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The Oakwood Five Point Intersection is located near Far Hills Avenue (or state Route 48), Oakwood Avenue, and Thruston Boulevard. The intersection was controlled by a traditional traffic signal for decades, according to a spokesperson for the city’s project.

However, over the years, the signal system at the intersection deteriorated naturally with age and currently required a replacement. In lieu of the replacement, the city propositioned a newly constructed roundabout that would help ease the complicated nature of the Five Point Intersection as well as possibly increase safety for drivers.

“The city consulted with an outside engineering firm, to assist us with coming up with that plan. And after they did their preliminary work, they came back with the concept of the possibility of constructing a roundabout,” Oakwood Director of Public Safety Alan Hill said.

The proposed roundabout called for the intersection to be fully redeveloped into a peanut shape with crosswalks and roadway curbs.

The proposal came after the current traditional light system contributed, in some part, to the 21 crashes in the last four years.

“The ultimate goal is to create a safer roadway for everybody who travels that particular path of road,” Hill explained.

At least 50 residents signed their names at the open house Wednesday night to share their thoughts.

“I can live with it or I can live without it. I think that it will slow traffic down. Evidently there’s some some thoughts statewide that these roundabouts are better change than normal traffic wise, so that might be the reasoning,” Tom Thompson, of Oakwood, said.

“Some roundabouts, I know that works. I traveled quite a bit in the region because of my daughter’s tennis. But this one, I don’t think it’s gonna work. So I’m hoping that they come up with a better idea,” Mayumi Hall, of Oakwood for more than 20 years, said.

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