‘It was crazy;’ Man walks miles home after crashing into creek overnight

MIAMI COUNTY — UPDATE @ 11:30 a.m.:

A passing driver discovered an overturned truck in a Miami County creek that prompted a brief search for the driver, according to deputies.

>>1 dead, 2 injured after crash in Harrison Township

The crash was spotted around 7:30 a.m. on on Kessler-Frederick Road just south of state Route 55 near West Milton in Miami County.

The truck was found unoccupied however deputies and fire crews searched the area with a drone to see if any crash victims were injured or thrown from the crash. It was later found the crash happened hours before and the driver walked to his home miles away without reporting the crash.

The driver, identified as Charles Morris, told News Center 7 he tried to avoid multiple deer in the road overnight and crashed the truck into the creek. He told News Center 7 that “it happened so quick.”

“It was crazy. I don’t even see that many when I go hunting,” Morris said.

He then walked, soaking wet, about two miles to his home in Ludlow Falls after the crash happened.

“I thought I was gonna freeze walking to the house,” Morris said.

Morris said he was the only person in the truck and wasn’t injured in the crash.

“Luckily, I had my seat belt on,” he said.

Tow crews were on the scene working to remove the truck from the creek. Kessler-Frederick Road remains blocked for the crash investigation.

Lt. Todd Tennant, of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, said Morris was lucky to be uninjured as there was a severe amount of damage to the cab of the truck.

“Seat belts save lives,” Tennant said.