Recent dog attacks have led to hundreds of stitches for victims

Recent dog attacks have led to hundreds of stitches for victims
Savannah Coleman sustained head injuries from a dog attack this past weekend in Miami Twp. The dog, which will be euthanized, bit the 8-year-old victim several times on the head, according to police. CONTRIBUTED

Several recent dog attacks have led to hundreds of stitches, even plastic surgery, for some victims.

Some of the worst cases from the past few weeks wound up in Dayton Children’s due to many of the victims being defenseless.

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8-year-old Savannah Coleman suffered a skull fracture and at least a dozen head wounds.

News Center 7's Mike Campbell sat down with the family from Miamisburg on Monday after they learned Savannah will have to take a break from softball and cheer-leading, and go back to school late after her surgery.

“I think he said he spent a good three hours just sewing. We don’t even know how many. He just told us hundreds,” said Savannah’s mother.

A 6-year-old boy from Georgia was attacked in Springfield recently as well. He almost lost an eye and has hundreds of stitches.

“He said when he came downstairs, I guess the dog was in the house,” said the boys’ mother over the phone.

Last month, Amy Agee was another victim of a dog attack in Fairborn. She says the dog turned the corner and went after her.

“Attacking me like I was some kind of chew toy,” she said.

Animal Control says the pit bull in each case will be quarantined for 10 days, and then most will be euthanized.

According to the Public Health Departments in Montgomery and Clark counties, dog attacks are down year-to-date. Montgomery County is down from 650 in 2017 to 619, so far, in 2018, and Clark County is down 172 in 2017 and 124, so far, in 2018.

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