Public Health urging caution during trick-or-treat, concern for post-Halloween spike exists

Public Health urging caution during trick-or-treat, concern for post-Halloween spike exists
FILE PHOTO: Children go trick-or-treat at a restaurant on Halloween, October 31, 2019 in New York City. (JEENAH MOON/Getty Images)

MIAMI VALLEY — The Ohio Department of Health is expected to issue trick-or-treat and other guidance involving Halloween-related events Friday, however Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County is already urging caution for people who decide to go out.

“There’s concerns with any people mixing together who are not normally part of a group or unit, such as a family. So, when you are going house-to-house that could potentially increase the spread,” said Public Health spokesman Dan Suffoletto. “Staying with a small group of people that you usually are with, that is a safer route to go.”

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Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday the decision to hold community trick-or-treats will be left for those at the local level to make.

News Center 7 has reported several cities throughout the Miami Valley that are planning to hold trick-or-treat, however some of those communities have said plans could change depending on guidance from the state or local health departments. One of those cities planning to go forward with plans for trick-or-treat is Xenia, which will hold its event on Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Some parents are in favor and some are against sending their kids out.

“I’m doing it this year,” said Xenia resident Kristi Harbey. She said she doesn’t intend on having her grandchildren wearing masks while they are out. “They need to get back to their life and quit being this fear," Harbey said.

Others say they won’t have their kids participating this year.

“I think we should play it safe for a while,” said Missy Grubb of Xenia.

Suffoletto said they are recommending people stay away from large parties that often pop up around Hallowwen.

“If you are doing something, on a smaller scale, a cookout in your backyard that’s outdoors. That would be the safer route, to go,” Suffoletto said.