Police investigation finds owner of dog seized at Dayton home had died

DAYTON — The owner of one of the dogs that was seized from two Dustin Street properties in Dayton had died weeks before the dogs were discovered malnourished, a Dayton police spokesperson said.

Dayton police and the Humane Society of Greater Dayton responded to the houses in the 900 block of Dustin Street last Monday after receiving an animal complaint. The Humane Society ended up seizing four dogs from the two properties.

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Photos of the dogs were shared on social media and shared hundreds of times.

The Humane Society’s investigation into the three other dogs remains open and ongoing, the agency told News Center 7 Wednesday.

“As a no-kill animal welfare agency, please rest assured that the dogs are now safe and receiving the care and attention they need,” the Humane Society said.

The Humane Society said the dogs are now steadily gaining weight and the skin conditions they had at the time they were seized are improving. The dogs are beginning to show more of their personalities and are becoming “happy dogs,” a spokeswoman said.

There is no estimated time on when the dogs may become available for adoption.