Body cam video: Cincinnati driver says cicada caused him to crash

CINCINNATI — With billions of cicadas buzzing around parts of Ohio, The Cincinnati Police Department is warning drivers to roll up their windows to avoid crashes caused by their presence.

According to Cincinnati police, cicadas have historically been attributed to car crashes when they emerge.

In a Facebook post, police said a large swarm of cicadas caused a man to crash his car on Monday.

Body cam video that was recently released from the Cincinnati Police Department shows the driver of the car explain to the officer.

“One flew into the drivers compartment through an open window and struck him in the face, temporarily stunning him. He then crashed into a utility pole,” the driver said.

The officer in the body cam also talked to witnesses about what they saw and explained that the driver just went right and hit the pole out of nowhere.

Police said the driver’s seatbelt and airbags saved him from serious injury.

“Remember to keep your windows rolled up until our little red eyed friends are gone,” the post said.