Ohio gas tax raise could mean more money toward Dayton road repairs

Higher taxes on gas could cost you more, but you can also expect to get more for your money.

Starting today, Ohio began collecting an extra 10.5 cents per gallon at the pump.

The city plans to put the extra money toward primary and neighborhood roads that have been damaged.

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One resident says he describes the road conditions in his neighborhood as “undriveable.”

“Potholes been patched, and re-patched, and re-patched again,” Robert Cox said.

Resident Amanda Sizemore says it’s gotten expensive for her friends “cause of car damage, tires busted, stuff like that.”

As lawmakers debated raising the gas tax in recent months, we heard about many people not wanting to pay more in taxes and others wanting the road improvements.

What we know now is that the city of Dayton will get the largest increase in gas tax funding in the Miami Valley – nearly $2.5 million extra dollars next fiscal year.

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The extra money will be used for re-surfacing main thoroughfares and neighborhood streets, for a new de-icer truck for winter, and for maintenance such as bridge painting, fixing guardrails, fencing and moving.

“It really needs to be done, people’s cars are getting damaged,” Sizemore said.

Cox said he’s a little torn about the gas tax.

“I’m not thrilled about having to pay more but if it actually goes to something that I actually consider of value to most of the neighborhoods then, yeah, it’s actually worth it.”