ODJFS investigating high volume of fraud unemployment claims; how to protect yourself from fraud

OHIO — The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is investigating claims of fraud within Ohio’s unemployment system.

The ODJFS said at least 33,000 unemployment claims were flagged as potential fraud last week.

News Center 7′s Katy Andersen spoke with one woman who says she is a victim of fraud.

Shannon Ryan had never filed for unemployment, but received two letters from ODJFS saying her claims were being processed.

Ryan went to their website to report the fraud, which officials say you should do immediately if you susect fraud.

“It was just to be determined and they indicated that I do receive a 1099 that showed I collected unemployment benefits,” explained Ryan. “It said they will be sure to work with the IRS to help resolve that.”

ODJFS is urging people to watch for tax forms, letters, or other notices for benefits they never applied for or claimed.

The department also says they are reviewing the claims flagged as fraud to determine whether they are valid.

However, this is impacting people with legitimate unemployment claims as many are experiencing delays because of the fraud.

Katy Andersen

Katy Andersen

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