‘The most important election you’ll ever be a part of;’ Nan Whaley casts early vote

DAYTON — News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott caught up with Nan Whaley as the gubernatorial candidate went to cast her early vote Monday morning.

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“It’s really exciting today. This is a really important, pretty heavy ballot. It has a lot of impact on the future lives of people in Ohio, particularly women. And so to get to pass the ballot today was an honor,” she stated.

“If you’re a woman in Ohio, this is probably the most important election you’ll ever be a part of because Mike DeWine is so extreme and radical around abortion access and about freedom of what you want to do with your body,” Whaley affirmed. “And I think young women particularly are paying really heavy attention in Ohio.”

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When asked about the impact of not being able to debate DeWine, Whaley stated, “I know why he won’t debate because he doesn’t want to have to answer about why the state... is the most corrupt state house in the country, according to the FBI. How he believes it’s fine for a 10 year old to carry her rapist’s child to term.”

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“He doesn’t wanna have to answer for these issues,” she continued.

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Whaley will travel with Senator Sherrod Brown across the state of Ohio, starting in Youngstown tomorrow. They will encourage all citizens to cast their ballot.

“It was super easy [to vote]. And like all County Boards of Elections make it really, really simple. You can find easy access, free parking at all these locations,” Whaley stated.

Her advice was to vote early to avoid long lines.