Montgomery County looking for poll workers, closing polling places ahead of Aug. 8 special election

DAYTON — Montgomery County is looking for poll workers as some polling places will be closed for the August special election.

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News Center 7′s Xavier Hershovitz says this is not the first time the Montgomery County Board of Elections has been challenged by a shortage of poll workers.

Jeff Rezabek, the Director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, said just last year they had some trouble with poll workers but were able to make it work with a lower turnout.

However, they are expecting a bigger turnout in this special election.

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Hershovitz reports the county has about 144 polling locations and it takes about 1,600 poll workers to make them all run smoothly.

It’s also a busy time for poll workers too.

In the next nine months, poll workers will do four elections. With this being such a charged issued on the ballot, they are expecting voters to come out and want to be prepared.

“We do expect a 30% turnout,” said Rezabek. “So, we’re going to need those poll workers and it’s going to be a little rough on us to make sure we have those poll workers at those locations as they’re required.”

There is time to learn how to be a poll worker in any county. You will want to visit your county’s board of election’s website.

To find yours, visit this website.

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Hershovitz also says some polling places in Montgomery County will be closed for this August special election.

At least four polling places will not be open and it’s expected to be the case for at least two more locations, according to Rezabek.

That’s because the buildings will already be used for something else on August 8. Which polling place will be closed is not known at this time.

The county has 144 polling locations, and more than half are already committed.

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Rezabek told News Center 7 they are working to find some alternative locations.

“What we’re trying to do is either locate another facility right in that same area or we will have to consolidate and move a couple of precincts to another location,” he said.

Hershovitz reports if anyone’s polling place is impacted, they will be notified by a postcard in the mail.

Click here to find your polling place.

News Center 7 will have you covered with everything you need to know about the special election in August.