Milton Union school treated for bed bugs

WEST MILTON — West Milton schools treated bed bugs at the district’s building earlier this week and informed parents of the steps taken to handle the situation Friday.

“School district offices were fielding several similar telephone calls with parent/guardian questions regarding students, school facilities, and bed bugs,” said Superintendent Brad Richey.

News Center 7 also reached out to Richey early Friday after receiving similar phone calls from concerned parents and students.

“To clarify and respond to any widespread concern, school administration has been looking into this for the past several days,” Richey said in a prepared statement posted on the district’s website.

Richey said staff members were able to “visually identify a specific location of concern” Monday afternoon, which involved a series of lockers on the second floor, not adjacent to any classrooms.

The district has a professional respond to the school the next day to consult, inspect and treat the area, the superintendent said.

“The concerning area was considered free of bed bugs by the professional. As a precaution, additional areas of the school facility, in the immediate vicinity and on either side of the locker bank, were treated as well,” Richey said.

The superintendent said the middle school principal contacted specific parents and guardians by phone or in person.

“When possible, the school district will always attempt to work through sensitive issues with parents, guardians, and families on a small scale to protect privacy and student confidentiality,” Richey said.

The district urged parents to examine their students’ belongings as part of the regular after school routine.

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