Logan Cole recounts the day he was shot at West Liberty-Salem High School

West Liberty — Saturday will mark one year since dozens of first responders and police rushed to West Liberty-Salem High School for a report of student who opened fire inside the school. Logan Cole sat down with News Center 7’s John Bedell to share what he recalls from that unforgettable day.

"I remember walking into the bathroom and there Ely was with the gun. Then after getting shot I talked to him some and I pretty much told him you pretty much don't have to do this anymore you don't have to kill anybody," Cole stated.

After talking with Cole, gunman Ely Serna sprayed four more blasts from his shotgun into the school hallway. Thankfully no one was hit by the additional blasts and immediately after firing into the hallway Serna returned to the bathroom and dropped the gun.

Teachers then restrained Serna inside the bathroom until deputies arrived and were able to arrest him. Cole was then taken out on a stretcher and Cole’s father said his son’s attitude towards Serna really impacted him.

"I remember Logan telling me he loved me and I told him I loved him. Then when I asked him who did it, he said it didn't matter, dad. That really struck me." stated Logan Cole’s father Ryan.

Logan Cole still showed this attitude of grace when we talked to him a year later. "I go back and get angry about it again and I have to forgive him again. And it's kind of a process, “ says Logan.

Logan’s father credits their family’s christian faith for helping Logan find the strength to forgive.

Even after all of his suffering Logan still says he is thankful that no one else was hurt and believes the events of that day happened for a reason.

"If somebody hadn't walked into that bathroom at that moment I think that more people would have died. I'm not thankful that the situation happened but I'm thankful that I went in there at the same time for the outcome that there was, “ Cole remarks.

Serna has been charged with multiple felonies including two counts of attempted murder. He pleaded not guilty due to reason of insanity, but the court has ruled him competent to stand trial.  Serna is due in court again in February.

NewsCenter 7’s John Bedell will have more coverage of the one year anniversary and Logan Cole’s full interview  beginning at 5 p.m. on WHIO channel 7.