Local restaurant expands despite pandemic hurting industry

Local restaurant expands despite pandemic hurting industry

GREENVILLE — A family owned and operated restaurant has expanded to its third location, doing so at a difficult time for so many.

The Delgado family has opened a new location in Greenville across from the Darke County Fairgrounds where Fairlawn Steakhouse use to be.

Sunday January 10th the restaurant held its grand opening. It’s an expansion that’s been more than a year in the making.

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“It’s amazing because it was really a journey it took us a while,” Eduardo Delgado, manger of La Carreta III said. “Just to see people coming in with big smiles that tells us a lot.”

The family owns locations in Celina and St. Marys. They started the plans to expand to Greenville before the shutdown in March happened. The construction and work continued even as the family worked to keep the other two locations up and running.

“We were doing deliveries, we were trying to get our food out as much as we could and make it easier for the people,” Delgado said. “That slowed us down a little bit on the project here. Also gave us a lot more time to plan everything better.”

The family picked Greenville because so many people from the city were visiting the locations in Celina and St. Marys. Even with the optimism of already having customers in town the expansion comes with risk during the tumultuous time due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was a little tough. But I feel like people have adjusted well so they’re helping us out. You’ve just got to adjust.”

The Delgado’s come from Jalisco, Mexico, the birthplace of tequilla. Eduardo says word of mouth has been key but for those that haven’t visited La Carreta before he has the same message for everyone.

“Once they try our food it’s going to be a fiesta in their mouth it’s just going to be bunch of flavors, we’ve got great drinks.”

Eduardo is one of five brothers. Each one manages one of the locations. Because of that there’s a loose plan of at least opening two other locations eventually so that each brother has one to manage. He said if it happens it will still likely be nearby the other locations.

But the priority right now is making sure the Greenville location thrives in a time when so many other restaurants are facing difficult times because of restrictions due to the pandemic.