‘It breaks my heart;’ Families seek answers to mishandled cemetery property

People whose loved ones are buried at a local cemetery are still looking for answers from the owners of the property.

News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson was at Bearcreek Cemetery Monday when a family showed up to check on their loved one’s headstone.

It’s been one week since Robertson was at Bearcreek Cemetery in Trotwood after complaints that the property was overgrown. A woman showed up Monday and found her dad’s headstone left out on the side of the office unattended, and once she realized it was her father’s headstone she broke down in tears.

Kamaria White said, “My family has been trying to call the place to get information because my aunt paid for my grandpa to be placed here.” She continued by saying, “Only to find out that there have been no people here, no nothing, and just left my grandfather’s plaque sitting here on the side of the building, unattended and everything.”

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On Monday, Ohio State Representative Phil Plummer was at the cemetery for the second time, trying to get answers for the community.

“We’re seeing loved ones out here where they work, they’ve paid for hasn’t been accomplished or finished yet,” Plummer said. “It’s just a bunch of nonsense that we’re finding out.”

Plummer said he has talked to a probate judge.

“He’s looking into some options for me. I’m researching the laws to see if we can help financially to keep this place tidy for a while. I’m going to reach out to a local judge to see if he can help,” Plummer said.

He also said he spoke with the Trotwood City Manager.

“We’re going to have another meeting and see who can do what with this problem because we have loved ones showing up crying because these services haven’t been done here properly and their loved ones are here. That’s uncalled for,” Plummer said.

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White said, “To see my mom you know, be so crushed and see her cry like that, it breaks my heart, and it breaks my own heart to see my own grandfather’s plaque just sitting there.”

According to White, she just wants answers.

“I just hope they could get answers and hope that maybe the people that are placed here could be placed in a better place,” White said.

Plummer stated, “We’ll figure this thing out and get it to where it needs to be. Hopefully, hold people accountable.”

Plummer said his next step will be to contact the prosecutor’s office and see if he can get investigators to look into what’s happening at the property.