Inexperienced driver crashes into parked car in Xenia

XENIA — A family in Xenia got a rude awakening this week when a driver hit and destroyed on of their cars parked on the street.

The Henderson family was inside their home on Bellbrook Avenue when they heard a loud sound.

“I was just climbing out of bed and heard this big ol’ boom and I thought it was a gunshot,” Shirley Henderson said.

When they went outside to see what happened, they discovered a pick-up truck had crashed into one of their parked cars. The damage was serious.

“I came out and my jeep was sitting in my neighbor’s yard half-way,” Jerry Henderson said.

Shirley Henderson told News Center 7 that the driver of the pick-up was laying on the ground and they feared the worst.

“We thought he was dead, but he wasn’t,” Shirley Henderson said.

The driver told the Henderson’s he was 18 years old and had only had his license for two days. After hearing that, Jerry Henderson said he was sympathetic towards the driver.

“I feel bad for the kid, I really do,” Jerry Henderson said.

The Henderson’s said they are grateful the driver survived the crash.