1 injured after house, garage catches fire in Dayton

DAYTON — A resident who resorted to using gasoline on the grill when the lighter fluid ran out suffered minor burns Friday evening when the house, the attached garage and the car caught fire.

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The resident suffered first-degree burns Dayton Fire West Chief David Thomas described as minor in the fire at the home in 700 block of Accent Park Drive, right at the bend with Big Bend Drive. Crews were dispatched about 7:30 p.m. on the report of a house fire.

Capt. Thomas estimated the damage to the house, its contents and the car, caused by smoke and flames, at $40,000.

A neighbor, Julia Blackmon, said she called 911 when she saw the fire. She said the resident dropped the gas can when the fire flared out of control.

“I told them the side of her [neighbor’s] house was on fire,” Blackmon said. “It was scary. I thought maybe the car was going to blow up.”

Blackmon said the fire left her and the neighbor’s children really scared.

“Everybody was crying,” Blackmon said.