Flu, RSV and COVID concerns jump as holidays approach

DAYTON — Holiday gatherings come at a time when doctors are concerned about COVID, the flu, and Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV.)

There are about 90 people currently hospitalized with COVID in our region, and health officials are concerned that number will grow.

The COVID risk for Montgomery, Clark, Preble, Miami, Darke, Shelby, Butler, and Greene County is low.

Mercer County has a medium risk, and Auglaize and Logan County are at high risk for COVID.

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COVID isn’t the only illness health officials are concerned about this year.

This flu season has been the worst in a decade, and it’s far from over. RSV is also causing major concerns for children’s health.

All three ailments popping up at the same time have officials even more worried.

“We have two of the three of the trifecta. We have vaccinations for clearly COVID, particularly with the updated boosters that are now available. We have vaccinations for influenza,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Adviser to the President.

Medical experts are suggesting everyone should do the basics and wash their hands, wear a mask if they’re vulnerable and around others, and stay up to date on their vaccines.