Federal charges filed against bomb suspect

Federal charges have been filed against a former Fairborn resident and Wright State graduate arrested on bomb-making charges.

A criminal complaint charging Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 44 of Moores Hill, Ind. with possession of unregistered destructive devices has been filed in the U.S. District Court of Columbus.

Boguslawski is accused of possessing 13 destructive devices in a traffic stop New Year's Day on westbound Interstate 70 in Madison County when Trooper W. Scott Davis said he clocked Boguslawski driving 85 mph in a 70 mph zone.

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In cruiser cam video obtained by the Springfield News-Sun, Davis asks Boguslawski if he has any weapons in the vehicle, to which he replies, "Nope." After Davis gives him a ticket, he quickly draws his weapon and holds Boguslawski at gunpoint after spying what looks like a handgun in a holster bolted to the driver's seat.

"I asked you if there were any weapons in the car and you said no," Davis said.

"But it's not a weapon," Boguslawski replies. "I invented a holster. That is an orange trainer."

Troopers recovered a Beretta 9mm holstered to the driver's seat next to the seat belt, loaded with a bullet in the chamber with the safety off, on top of a loaded Smith & Weston Walter P-22. They also found a 223 sniper rifle and AR-15.

In total, bomb squad members found 58 improvised explosive initiators, 25 IEDs inside bottles and one bomb weighing 1.5 pounds. They also found materials to make more bombs, according to court testimony.