Over 1,000 top secret Air Force documents found at Fairborn home; FBI investigating

FAIRBORN — The FBI is investigating after more than 1,000 pages of highly sensitive, classified documents from a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base unit were recovered from a Fairborn home.

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A 33-year-old Air Force contractor for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Wright-Patt admitted to printing out and taking home the files marked “TOP SECRET,” according to a search warrant filed in Ohio’s Southern District.

NASIC is a Department of Defense intelligence unit that analyses intelligence on foreign air, cyber and space threats. That includes intelligence on military systems and equipment of other nation states.

The Greene County ACE Task Force and the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations discovered the documents during a May 24 search of Izaak Kemp’s home on Harmony Lane.

Kemp, who is listed as a past student at Wright State University, consented to the FBI taking possession and conducting a search of his laptop, cellphone and external hard drive, according to ABC News.

He initially was under investigation by Fairborn police for allegedly growing marijuana at the home, which resulted in several plants being seized during the search as well.

The case escalated to the FBI when investigators discovered the documents, which they say were “related to Top Secret Special Access Programs” and were “clearly marked as classified.”

Such files are deemed so sensitive they require additional security beyond what’s normally provided for classified files and should only be stored in segregated, highly protected environments, according to Forbes.

The government did not reveal just what was contained in the files.

Wright-Patt representatives say Kemp was never authorized to take the documents from NASIC and that he would have to bypass security checkpoints to get them out of the office.

There are currently no records indicating that Kemp has been charged with a crime in state or local courts.