Early voting is now open in Montgomery County

DAYTON — Election day is less than a month away, but people in the Miami Valley are now allowed to begin early voting.

One of the things that makes this election unique is all of the write-in candidates.

Voter Chad Sloss, of Montgomery County said, “We need to see some change in the city. How Dayton has been electing its leaders has not worked.”

Sloss was among Tuesday’s early voters and said its time for change.

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“The process needs to be revamped in regards to how candidates get on the ballot to begin with. So, I have no problems with write-in candidates,” Sloss said.

The Montgomery County Board of Elections website lists 14 write-in candidates.

Jeff Rezabek, Director of Montgomery County Board of Election said, “You’re seeing a lot of regular individuals who are first time involved in the process.”

He said there’s new excitement in many of the races.

“There’s a lot of interest in school boards, and that’s where a lot of those races are coming in for those write-in candidates,” Rezabek said,

The school board race has especially peaked Sloss’ interest as a voter in this election.

He said, “Education system is suffering. Things are just in a constant downfall. So, we need to see more accountability in terms of who we elect.”

Rezabek continued by saying, “I think people want to become involved in their government. This is why we’re asking a lot of the voters to come out and vote.”

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The board of elections in Montgomery County said due to the number of write-in candidates, the process to tally votes could take a bit longer and that’s not the only slow down expected.

Rezabek said, “U.S. Mail has indicated they may be a little bit slower. If you’re gong to do absentee ballot mail, get it done early and get it back to us as soon as possible.”

Officials said Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m. is the deadline for absentee ballots.

The last day to participate in early voting is Nov. 1 and the polls that day close at 2 p.m. Election day is on Nov. 2.