Dayton police warn that TikTok challenge is creating storm of stolen Kia, Hyundai vehicles

DAYTON — Dayton police are warning that a TikTok challenge is creating a storm of stolen Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell uncovered more evidence of the growing trend and spoke with a victim.

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According to police reports from Dayton alone since last Friday morning, there were a dozen reports of Kia and Hyundai vehicles being stolen or attempted to be stolen.

Katherine Trigg said thieves stole her Hyundai about three weeks ago while she was visiting a family member.

A few days later, she got word her stolen car was involved in a police chase and totaled when the people driving crashed and ran.

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“It was really frustrating for me, it was almost feeling this was a personal attack,” Trigg said.

Trigg was even more upset when she realized that Kia drivers are at risk because of a TikTok challenge.

The challenge discloses a security flaw that makes it easy to drive these vehicles away without the keys or a key fob.

“Its crazy, this stuff is out there for people to see so easily, people keep sending it around and I’m like, quit posting it,” Trigg said.

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Dayton police told News Center 7 they are simply trying to warn owners to take precautions.

The victims, an ever-growing number, believe social media companies need to be more responsible.

“Obviously, I wish people didn’t put video out for how to steal cars, but I don’t foresee that stopping,” said Dayton Police Lieutenant Jason Hall.

Dayton police say if you drive a Hyundai or a Kia, the best thing to do is like any crime prevention, make yourself a tough target.

That means making sure the keys are in your pocket, not in the vehicle, the vehicle is locked up and parked in a well-lighted area.