Dayton mandatory mask ordinance: FAQs

DAYTON — The city of Dayton has provided several answers to questions residents and visitors may have regarding the new mask ordinance passed by city commissioners on Wednesday night.

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What does the ordinance require?

  • All individuals when in an enclosed space with others, unless exempted, must cover their nose and mouth.

Do I have to wear a mask outside?

  • No, unless you cannot maintain at least six (6) feet distance from individuals outside of your household. However, if social distancing is not practical or if you are waiting in line outside of a business, then a mask must be worn outdoors.

What is a “place of business'?

  • A “place of business” is a place in which commerce is conducted and the public visits. Examples include but are not limited to: restaurants, bars, nightclubs. stores, spas, hotels, gyms, health care facilities.

Do I have to wear a mask at a religious facility?

  • Individuals are not required to wear masks at a religious facility. However, the city along with the CDC and many other public health officials strongly recommend the wearing of masks at any public place.

Does my place of business need to require people to wear masks?

  • Yes, businesses should instruct individuals to wear masks while inside their “place of business.” If someone does not comply with a business’s request to wear a mask, they should be asked to leave. If the person refuses to leave there is an option to contact the Dayton Police Department at 937-333-COPS to request an officer respond to investigate the complaint. A Dayton Police officer may trespass the individual off your property (if requested to) or initiate a process to issue a civil fine to the individual.

Do I need to wear a mask while in an RTA bus or other public transit vehicle?

  • Yes, individuals being transported as a passenger is required to wear a mask. Business should request individuals wear masks while in their buses, taxis, or rideshare vehicles.

Are employees required to wear masks?

  • Yes, all businesses must require all of their employees that interact with the public to wear a facing covering. Any employee who fails to do so may be charged with violating this ordinance.

I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask; will I be punished?

  • No, this ordinance does not apply to individuals with medical conditions, mental health conditions, or a developmental disability. Individuals should check the CDC guidelines for masks.

When does the ordinance take effect?

  • This ordinance takes effect this Friday, July 3, 2020, at 8:00 am. At that point, all individuals, unless exempted, must wear a face covering when in an enclosed area with other people present.

What is the purpose of the ordinance?

  • Wearing a face covering will reduce community spread of COVID-19 which can save the lives of your fellow Buckeyes and Daytonians, according to the city. Face coverings have been proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the city said. Further, the masks will help us avoid the spread, which could force another economic closure of Dayton and the rest of the state, city officials said.