Customer, on way to get dog from the groomer, rams the storefront next door

A customer on her way to pick up her dog from La Ruby's Grooming Salon, 3202 N. Main St., said she was cut off and that caused her to ram a vacant business front next to the groomer.

She wasn't injured, Dayton fire officials and police said.

No one was in the space where the woman crashed about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, but the pet grooming business had to be evacuated for a time.

Nikola Weese was working at the salon, finishing a dog named Simba, when she heard tires screeching.

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"I turned to look and the car had turned into our driveway and was coming pretty fast and she hit the building," Weese said.

"Next thing I knew, I heard the car inside the building next door... I'm very glad it was next door and not us, cause we may not be here."

It was like a movie, Weese said.

"There was no way of us could have gotten out of the way as fast as it all happened," she said. "We're all OK. The dog's OK. She's OK, amazingly. God was with us all."

Dayton fire officials called for the evacuation because they were concerned an upper floor might collapse. The weight of the car was believed to have weakened the structure.

A city building inspector was dispatched to the scene.

The car has been pulled out of the front window of the space.

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