Coronavirus: WHIO employee and veteran served on US Navy hospital ship

WHIO employee and veteran served on US Navy hospital ship

DAYTON — The first of two U.S. Navy hospital ships are on their way to to Los Angeles to help create more hospital space during the coronavirus pandemic.

News Center 7’s own photographer Scott Kessler served on the hospital ship headed to New York the “Comfort.”

Kessler spent 25 years in the US Navy and served on humanitarian missions to Haiti, a Hurricane Katrina response mission.

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"In 2011 I was part of what was called ‘Continuing Promise,’” said Kessler. “And that's a deployment they do between the Mercy and the Comfort each year down in Central America."

The Comfort will be taking only non-COVID-19 patients referred to them from hospitals on shore.

"Each of those ships are 1,000 bed hospitals. And when you -- essentially think of your Miami Valley but it's able to float,” said Kessler. “They have all the same kind of things. They have the wards, they have beds that fold up and fold down, they're like three high. Each ward has like a nursing station the hallways are double wide so two gurneys can pass up and down through the hallways."

News Center 7 will let you know how long the ships will be deployed and if they are deployed anywhere else.