Coronavirus Pandemic: 1,406 confirmed cases, 25 deaths in Ohio; What you need to know Saturday

What you need to know Saturday

There are now at least 1,406 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Ohio with 25 deaths, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Four of the confirmed deaths are from Miami County.

Of the 1,406 cases, 344 are hospitalized and 123 are in the Intensive Care Unit.

Ohio Department of Health officials said they do not track the number of recoveries.

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  • Of 1,406 cases in Ohio, 246 cases, or 17 percent, are healthcare workers. Thirty-nine, or 3 percent, are long-term care residents.
  • Dr. Amy Acton asks people to help their elderly neighbors, saying she'd prefer for them not to be at the grocery or out in public. COVID-19 is skewing toward the elderly in the U.S. as it is in Italy, she says.
  • PBS will begin helping supplement education. Visit here for more.
  • Ohio's unemployment site has been expanded by 20 times, said Lt. Gov. Jon Husted.
  • Ohio has opted into provisions in federal package signed by President Trump on Friday. The provisions include 1099 and self-employed individuals.
  • Dr. Amy Acton says though models show we could see 8-10,000 new cases a day in Ohio, we have the power to change this. "We are planning for worst-case scenarios with the hope that everything we do will take us away from that number."

Local Confirmed Cases:

  • Butler - 25
  • Champaign - 2
  • Clark - 2
  • Clinton - 3
  • Darke -1
  • Greene - 3
  • Miami - 38
  • Montgomery - 20
  • Shelby - 3
  • Warren - 16

Gov. DeWine said the state has received its allotment of PPEs, but still needs supplies. If you have the following, or have the ability to create or manufacture the following, please contact

  1. Surgical gowns (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  2. Face/Surgical masks (adult and pediatric)
  3. Gloves (nitrile, vinyl, butyl)
  4. N-94 particulate respirators
  5. Isolation gowns
  6. Face shields
  7. Tyvek coveralls
  8. Thermometers
  9. Foot coverings
  10. Ventilator tubing

Here’s what you need to know today:

  • At its peak in Ohio, Dr. Amy Acton said we could see 10,000 new coronavirus cases each day in the state.
  • DeWine said models from Cleveland Clinic show the peak arriving in Ohio now in mid-May. Hospitals should be planning for two to three times the current capacity build-out we have at our hospitals, DeWine said.
  • The governor has divided the state into eight regions and asked each to draft plans for hospital capacity buildup by 9 a.m. Saturday. The Ohio National Guard will oversee the buildup.
  • Today is the fifth day of the stay-at-home order for Ohio. People are expected to stay home until April 6. However, there are some exceptions such as essential businesses and travel for necessary supplies.
  • Friday night, the second and third confirmed coronavirus cases in Shelby County, the first confirmed case in Auglaize County and a reported case in Wapakoneta.
  • Friday afternoon, the U.S. House approved a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package by voice vote. President Donald Trump signed the measure a few hours later.
  • Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, ordering General Motors to produce ventilators. "They weren't talking right in the beginning," the president said of GM. In partnership with Ventec, a GM plant in Kokomo, Indiana, will build the ventilators, and a previously closed plant in Michigan that once made transmissions now will produce surgical masks.
  • Area hotels are cooperating with Operation Stop COVID, the St. Vincent DePaul effort to move people in high-rick health categories into satellite shelters from St. Vincent DePaul's main and two emergency shelters, Executive Director Michael Vanderburgh said.
  • Mayor Nan Whaley said to contact her office if you cannot get a prescription because your ID is expired. It is not state law to require an ID to get a prescription, she said. The requirement may be an individual company policy. She said she wants to know specific instances of denials.
  • Go to you're looking for work, to volunteer or for more information about SNAP benefits, County Commissioner Judy Dodge said
  • "We are begging and pleading with you to stay home," Whaley said, because the virus is moving quickly and a surge is expected in Ohio sometime in May.
  • "Please, please keep your distance. (This weekend) is not an opportunity to get together," the mayor said.
  • More than 120,000 people have recovered from the virus, according to the Johns Hopkins tally.
  • Those spearheading groups that are for and against the Bellbrook Sugarcreek schools levy said they will have to work harder to make sure voters mail in their ballots under the new directives the state legislature ordered this week.