Bird flu detected at second Darke Co. farm

DARKE COUNTY — Another flock of turkeys at a farm in Darke County has tested positive for a strain of avian flu, according to a spokesperson from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

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The ODA said its procedure is to quarantine the impacted facility and to “depopulate,” or kill, the birds to prevent the disease from spreading.

More than 15,000 commercial turkeys were put down because of the outbreak, the spokesperson said.

News Center 7 is working to figure out which farm these turkeys were on.

The turkeys tested positive for the flu on Thursday, Dec. 7, the spokesperson said.

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The ODA is monitoring a control zone 10 kilometers from the site. A surveillance zone will also be monitored another 10 kilometers from the control zone.

The CDC reports that the current risk of bird flu to the public is low, the spokesperson said.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, bird flu cannot be transmitted through properly cooked meats or eggs.

Products from the affected flocks are prohibited from entering the food system, the spokesperson said.

News Center 7 will update this story when more information is made available.

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