Bengals fan battling ALS, daughter continue making memories together as team makes playoff push

DAYTON — Paul and Sarah Miracle may sound like familiar names to Bengals fans here in the Miami Valley.

Last year we followed the duo to the Super Bowl as they cheered on their beloved Bengals. Paul has ALS, and they wanted to have that special memory before his disease progressed to the point where going to an NFL game wasn’t possible.

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At first, it started as getting season tickets for the Bengals but as the team moved into the playoffs, so did Paul and Sarah Miracle. Ultimately the two followed their favorite team to Super Bowl LVI.

They were able to go to the Super Bowl thanks to donations from strangers. They were even able to donate a leftover $10,000 to ALS research.

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“I never dreamed when my daughter told me, do you think I should try and get tickets for the Super Bowl?” Paul continued, “unbelievable, just just unbelievable.”

News Center 7 Xavier Hershovitz caught up with the Miracles as the Bengals make another playoff push.

Sarah told us, “dad and I were, actually supposed to go to the October 23 game against the falcons together.” Unfortunately, Paul’s ALS has progressed, making his health a barrier.

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That didn’t stop Sarah from finding a way to make sure he was present and accounted for.

“I just happen to think ‘oh man, I can take him with me’ so I just threw it in the car and tied it up to the back of my trunk,” Sarah added.

Along with her special banner featuring her dad, Sarah has turned to her other half and her three-year-old son.

“If we go on the highway in that direction, he’ll say are we going to watch football?”

Passing on that Bengal’s pride she got from her dad, “he sits with me, and we watch the game together, and that’s really important because I want to pass it down. I want him to remember this when he’s older too.”

It’s memories Sarah is creating with her son, as she and her dad look back at the memories they’ve made chasing their Bengals.

They say a year later that Super Bowl trip is even more special to them.

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we did last year now, for sure,” Sarah said. “Those are memories you never will forget”

Paul tells us, “they mean so much. What you don’t think means anything means everything.”

To follow Paul’s journey, visit his Facebook group, Pop Pops Troops, here.