Dayton Police Chief Biehl: Officer shoots man who ‘shoved gun out the door’

UPDATE @ 7:37 p.m. (Oct. 13): 

The man who police said was shot by one of two officers after he pointed a weapon at them remains in the hospital in stable condition, said Dayton Police Sgt. Robert Clinger.

The officers involved, and the suspect have yet to be identified by police.

Detectives are working to learn why the man pointed the weapon at the officers during the incident on Rockford Avenue Friday.

No officers were injured and no one else was arrested, said Clinger.

UPDATE @ 11:10 p.m.: 

A man who Richard Biehl, director and chief of police, Dayton Police Department, said "shoved a gun out the door" was shot and wounded by one of two police officers who went to the man's apartment to investigate a complaint.

Biehl gave this account of the investigation so far:

Two Dayton police officers in a police cruiser were responding to a call about criminal damaging on Main Street when a man flagged them down about 8:45 p.m. The person who flagged down the officers said the person who was slashing tires was in an apartment in the 600 block of Rockford Avenue.

The officers went to the apartment, knocked several times and announced who they were.

When the individual in the apartment opened the door after several minutes, he shoved a gun out the door and pointed it at the officers.

The man didn't fire the weapon, Biehl said.

One of the officers stepped back, drew his service weapon, fired at least three times, and may have hit the individual at least twice.

"When the weapon was pushed out the door, an officer responded by firing," Biehl said. "He pointed a weapon right at the officers."

The person in the apartment has been taken to Miami Valley Hospital and is believed to be serious but stable condition.

Police don't have an explanation as to why the man did what he did. The man does have a history regarding police contact, the chief said.

What happens next? 

Homicide detectives will investigate the shooting, Biehl said. Officers with the department's Professional Standards Bureau will conduct the administrative investigation. Both of those procedures are standard protocol, the chief said.

The officers have not been identified by name.

Biehl said the information released so far is preliminary, and more information would be released.

UPDATE @ 9:35 p.m.:

The incident on Rockford Avenue is a Dayton police officer-involved shooting.

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One person is believed to have been wounded in a shots-fired incident at the apartment in the 600 block of Rockford Avenue in Dayton.

A “signal 99” -- an alert calling for every law enforcement officer in the area to respond -- was called for the address just after 9 p.m. in response to the report of shots fired. That alert has since been canceled.

We’re hearing that one person has been shot at the address. We’re working to confirm that and learn more details about the incident.

We will update this developing report.

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