Back to School: Governor DeWine talks school safety

DAYTON — Governor Mike DeWine addressed some topics as we are approaching the new school year and one of them was school safety.

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Governor DeWine held a press conference to address some questions when to safety for your kids and school.

News Center 7′s Dontre Drexelius reports that DeWine discusses a number things including House Bill 99 which requires a minimum of 24 hours of training before school employee can be armed with a gun on of eight hours of annual training.

To go along with that new law, 16 mobile field trainers have been hired to help assist with trainings.

“I charged our team with moving just as quickly as they can, but they also need to get it right,” DeWine said.

“One of the things that when we were working with the legislature with this whole issue of having a gun in school, one of the things we emphasize and this was based on my experience as Attorney General,” he added. “One thing that we emphasized is our scenario based training.”

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The School Safety Center is hiring 28 new employees to help with safety issues and provide training with the new law.

The Governor also said 1,100 schools in 81 counties will split $47 million and among the districts in our area getting grant money include Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Kettering, and Miamisburg.

Public address systems, automatic door locks, visitor badging systems, security cameras, exterior lighting and more will be paid for with that grant money.

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The state is also providing more than a $1 billion in wellness funding for schools to address mental health and other issues.

“Some schools are using the money for more guidance counselors,” DeWine said. “Some are using it for other types of counselors. Some are using it literally to set up medical facilities or clinics inside that school.”