Amid heat wave, AC company responds to spike in service calls

HUBER HEIGHTS — As the Miami Valley deals with extreme heat, hundreds of calls are going out to AC companies.

As reported on News Center 7 at 6, hundreds of calls are going out to companies that work on air conditioning.

The Johnson family decided it was time for a new AC unit. With this week being so hot they decided it’s better to change it than constantly call a service company.

“It gives us real peace of mind that we don’t have to worry about this next week,” Connie Johnson said.

Connie said she and her husband decided to get a new AC unit after they were quoted a high price to fix the old one.

“‘If you fix all this, it was like 1000s of dollars,’ and the guy said, ‘I can’t guarantee it won’t quit running tomorrow,’” Connie said.

The Johnsons decided to get rid of their more than 15-year-old AC unit.

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Chris Cantrell, services manager with Logan Services, said they have a full schedule now with requests.

“Over the weekend, just from Friday to Monday, there was probably five or 600 calls,” Cantrell said.

He said most calls are about routine maintenance or homes having sections that won’t cool off.

But AC replacements typically go up during the beginning of the summer.

“I would say in a neighborhood of about 10 to 15 systems a day,” Cantrell said.

He said some ways to keep your AC running smoothly and keep your home cool is to set your AC to a desired temperature and forget it.

He also said to check your filter.

“Check it once a month, when it’s in the season where it’s running twice as much. You may have to change it every two weeks,” he said.

Connie said she is happy they made the decision.

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