911 caller spots stolen ambulance used by kidnapping victim barreling down I-75

CLEARCREEK TWP., Warren County — A 911 caller spotted a stolen Clearcreek Twp. ambulance driving down the highway in Dayton, several minutes before the theft was reported by the fire department.

"An ambulance, Clearcreek Township, is flying on the highway, not with any ambulance lights on," the caller told emergency dispatchers.  "He's honestly in a very big hurry, but does not have his lights on."

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The caller told dispatchers around 12:10 p.m. that something about the situation didn’t seem right.

"Came up behind us super fast and almost looks like they're just having fun,” the caller said. "It just doesn't look right. Something's up."

Ten minutes later, the Warren County dispatch center received a 911 call from crews working at Clearcreek Twp. Fire Station 22, who reported the ambulance missing and damage to the fire station.

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"Our medic got stolen. Can you have the cops come out here?,” the worker asked dispatchers.  "We were just on a call and our back window is broken in and both of our bay doors are open and our backup medic is gone."

Police found the stolen medic at Dayton Children’s Hospital around 12:40 p.m., dispatch records show.

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The 22 year-old driver of the stolen medic said he was lured to a house on East Lytle Five Points Road by his ex-girlfriend, forced inside and held captive for three days. When he was finally able to escape, he stole the ambulance and drove it to Dayton Children’s hospital.

Clearcreek Twp. police obtained a search warrant for the house the same day and recovered numerous pieces of evidence and arrested a suspect and police expect to charge more people.