Gun sales rise in 2020 despite COVID shutdown slowing down issuing of CCW permits

DAYTON — Even with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down the country, 2020 saw a large increase in gun sales, breaking the previous record.

Last year the United States saw 39 million federal background checks for gun purchases. That number greatly surpasses the previous record of 28 million.

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One would typically get their concealed carry permit, or have it renewed, at the county Sheriff’s office. When the pandemic forced businesses and government buildings to shutdown Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck ended walk-in CCW applications.

“We did not have any space that allowed for 32 people to show up and wait in line,” Streck said.

In their place, he set up an appointment system. That system resulted in a dramatic drop in the number of new licenses issued, as well as licenses renewed from 2019 to 2020.

Streck says he and his CCW staff are working diligently to make everyone applying for a permit is checked and completes their eight hours of required education, including two hours of shooting practice.