George Floyd: Protesters gather in front of Clark County courthouse Sunday afternoon

SPRINGFIELD — Springfield residents have gathered near the Clark County courthouse Sunday afternoon to protest the death of George Floyd.

The protest in Springfield is the latest in the nationwide trend of demonstrations.

Hundreds of peaceful protesters of all ages and races spent the afternoon marching throughout downtown Springfield.

They are allowing cars to drive through the streets as protesters hold up signs and chant.

News Center 7′s Katy Andersen described the protest so far as “mostly peaceful” except for one small scuffle where a driver came through and yelled obscenities into the crowd.

Andersen spoke with one woman who protested for change back in the 1960′s about Sunday’s demonstration.

“One thing we noticed is there was no police presence here this afternoon, but everything has stayed peaceful and this protest has been filled with a lot of positive messages,” she explained.

Another of News Center 7′s reporters Jenna Lawson captured this footage of the protest.

The group has blocked traffic at times and even stopping at an intersection for two minutes of silence to honor all the black lives lost due to police brutality.

The local NAACP president is helping lead the protest and emphasized the need to keep things peaceful while making their voices heard.