Dayton National Cemetery honors fallen 9/11 first responders

The Dayton National Cemetery and more than 60 other cemeteries across the country took part in a national day of service and remembrance of one of the world’s biggest terrorist attacks.

“Our goal is to make sure that no veteran is forgotten,” said Doug Ledbetter, Dayton National Cemetery Director. “They say that a veteran dies two deaths, one when he physically dies, and then one when they’re forgotten.”

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Heroes from all over the country risked their lives and showed up to help that morning of September 11, 2001.

Now, people here in the Miami Valley are giving back to remember the fallen first responders.

Dozens of volunteers showed up to the cemetery to honor the men and women buried in VA National Cemeteries by cleaning headstones of the fallen and beautifying sacred grounds.

“It’s a day that veterans and their supporters can pull together so for camaraderie, for service, for physical activity,” said Bernie Huelsman, VP of Marketing at Chase Bank. “So it’s a way for those veterans to get together to share their experiences to contribute to the cemeteries in the memories of other veterans.”

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Carry the Load is a non profit organization that honors the service and sacrifice of our military, veterans and first responders.

The VA National Cemetery Association partnered with Carry the Load to host the event that recognized the 3,000 lives lost and the more than 6,000 who were hurt in the four coordinated attacks.

Carry the Load has raised more than $32,000 to help raise awareness and honor our nation’s hero’s since 2011. They are striving to reach more cities, states and countries.