Dayton company creates ODH pandemic TV commercials

Dayton company designs creative TV commercials for Ohio Department of Health

DAYTON, Ohio — A series of commercials released by the Ohio Department of Health aimed at promoting different aspects of staying safe during the pandemic have been created locally.

You have probably seen the most recent video that features the crashing Jenga blocks. It was actually made by a company in Dayton called Real Art.

Andy Nick, Director at Real Art, said, “When the pandemic first hit, the Department of Health had to have more marketing material they don’t normally generate. So, they reached out to Real Art to not only get that message out but do it creatively.”

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Nick is the director behind those powerful videos. In addition to the Jenga ad, he also created a video using Ping Pong Mouse Trap.

“We’ve made a couple of these that we would call visual metaphors that would relate these ideas to things people already understand,” Nick said.

That video was created to show the importance of social distancing, while the Jenga video was created to combat pandemic fatigue.

Nick said, “The more that you do things that are risky, the more dangerous it gets. So, we want people to fight the fatigue and resist the urge to make decisions that could get you in trouble.”

The commercials Nick has created have a creative appeal that gets a serious message across and he has very little time to do it.

He said, “These are urgent. When we get these jobs, we understand these aren’t the typical marketing job. It means a lot more to a lot more people.”

Nick proceeds to say, “They’re tough subjects to deal with, so they’re not typical message to send or receive.”

Nick told News Center 7 that he has more things planned for the Ohio Department of Health. He just hopes it doesn’t involve his fingers being smashed in mouse traps or Jenga blocks falling on top of him.