Dayton unveils new transparency portal to track status of police reforms

DAYTON — In response to calls for more transparency and reform among police departments across the country, the City of Dayton unveiled a new tool Monday city leaders say will show the progressions of proposed reforms and their implementation.

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The Dayton Transparency Portal is the next part of the city’s police reform efforts. The site allows for people to track the progress of implementing the 142 reforms pushed forward by the five working groups analyzing the targeted reform areas.

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The reform tracker provides a step-by-step guide on the implementation of each proposal, from in progress, to competed, and updates along the way. For example, the city’s first implementation, use of body worn cameras proposed by the Use of Force working group, shows up as in progress with the city distributing and training the first group of officers on the cameras.

The dashboard provides several links to the status of the reforms and full crime statistics, including police use of force instances, arrests, and reported crime. City leaders tabbed the site a “one-stop” for access to publicly released data, policies, and resources for the police department.

City leaders noted during a press conference Monday that some of the reforms brought forth by the police reform working groups still require some law changes before they can be implemented on the city level.