Neighbors called Kettering police to apartment of woman stabbed, put in dumpster

Neighbors called police to Kettering apartment of woman stabbed

A man is in jail, accused of stabbing a Kettering woman to death in her apartment, hiding her in a closet and then in the refrigerator before finally stashing her body in a dumpster.

Kettering police said the man charged, Terrel M. Ross, told them he killed his girlfriend, 24-year-old Sierra Woodfork, six days before her body was found in a dumpster behind her Aberdeen Avenue apartment.

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News Center 7’s Mike Campbell uncovered reports that show concerned neighbors called police, and that officers twice went to Woodfork’s apartment in December.

A Dec. 13 call sheet shows officers went to the apartment when neighbors called to report a “man is beating up a female. She is yelling “stop” and “get off me.”

On Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, a different call sheet showed officers went to the apartment after a different neighbor reported he or she could “hear a male and female fighting.”

Kettering police said that on both occasions, no one would answer the door and they could not document a report.

It’s now been five days since Woodfork’s body was discovered by the “dumpster diver,” and she died almost a week before that.

For her family, who is from Springfield, it’s been one shock after another.

“I just dropped. I couldn’t believe it. She’s 24,” cousin Monike Woodfork said.

“It’s really horrible. It’s a coward move,” she said of the killing of the woman she considered more like a niece.

Monike Woodfork said the entire family learned of the tragedy while watching News Center 7.

Sierra Woodfork moved from Springfield to Dayton after her high school graduation to assert her independence. Later, she moved into her Kettering apartment, her cousin said.

Sierra Woodfork
Sierra Woodfork

Iyana Carr went to Springfield High School with her cousin, Sierra Woodfork, whom she said was more like a sister. She said her cousin admitted she had trouble with her boyfriend, but did not say much about it.

“She said that she loved him and he did hit her a few times, that’s it,” Carr said. “She did tell me she wanted to get away but I guess she wanted to stay and make things up.”

She called her cousin a beautiful person who was most comfortable around children.

Now, the family wants answers.

“I think the real thing we want is why. We haven’t heard anyone say that. We want to know why,” Monike Woodfork said.

Sierra Woodfork
Sierra Woodfork