ShotSpotter alert leads Dayton police to arrest 3 in attempted armed robbery

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UPDATE @ 7:28 p.m. (Feb. 11): Police arrested three individuals after the ShotSpotter system alerted them to an attempted armed robbery in Dayton on Friday night.

Officers said a woman went to a home in the area to hang out with some people. When she tried to leave, the people decided to rob her, firing shots in the process.

Dayton Maj. Chris Malson said the gunfire was not to hurt the victim, but to intimidate her.

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“The ShotSpotter system, with its sensors, detected the gunfire and officers were driving to check that out before they received more calls reporting people outside firing a gun,” Malson said.

“That allowed the officers to find the victim, speak to her, track down an apartment were the suspects were and make three arrests.”

ShotSpotter is designed to cut down on police response times, but officers say ShotSpotter works best when neighborhood residents call about what they see or hear.

“Some of the information they give us, ShotSpotter won’t,” Malson said. “Maybe they hear a vehicle drive off or they hear people arguing.”

Two people were arrested on a charge of robbery and another had been sought on a warrant.


New technology helped Dayton police make immediate arrests in an attempted armed robbery.

ShotSpotter, the gunshot detection program, was installed in several Dayton neighborhoods a few months ago.

The technology alerts police when gunshots are heard. Officers are dispatched to check out each alert.

Police contracted with ShotSpotter to cut down on random gunfire and gun violence.

On Friday, an alert helped officers make multiple arrests and recover a victim’s stolen property.

The alert sent police to a neighborhood between North Main Street and Riverside Drive.

Once on the scene, officers learned that someone had robbed the victim, firing gunshots during the incident.

Further investigation led the officers to arrest three people and recover some of the victim’s property.

We are working to learn more about the incident and if the three people arrested will be charged.

We’ll continue to update this story as information is released.