Dayton PD: Injuries from gun violence have spiked since May

Maleki Parker was taken off life support Monday at family’s request.

UPDATE @ 4:02 p.m.:

Dayton police Chief Richard S. Biehl said during a press conference that violent crime, particularly gun violence, has been increasing in the city.

“In May something significantly changed. … a significant uptick,” Biehl said, of gun crimes and injuries from gun crimes.

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The number of gun crimes resulting in injuries has jumped — from 74 people injured from January to November 2014, up to 102 people so far in 2015, Biehl said.

“Not just here by the way, but other cities here and around the country,” Biehl said.

In reference to the fatal shooting of 5-year-old Maleki Parker, Biehl said, officers seized from the home, small amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, crack, pills and handguns.

Biehl said the home on Bruce Street has evidenced gun, gang and drug activity.

Biehl said the surviving siblings of Parker are with family members.

“This shouldn’t be what happens in a compassionate community … but here we are again,” Biehl said.

Biehl said the demographics show that black males are victims of gun violence at a rate three times that of white males. He said African American women are also injured by guns at a higher rate than white females.

“This disproportionately affects African American citizens,” Biehl said.

Biehl said the police department has several enforcement strategies to “contain and reduce the violence,” including aggressive traffic enforcement, increased patrols and Operation Shield with Ohio Highway Patrol.

UPDATE @ 1:24 p.m.:

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl will hold a press conference regarding gun crimes in the city at 3:30 this afternoon. The chief will also give an update about the investigation into the recent fatal shooting of 5-year-old Maleki Parker.

Our crews will be at the press conference to bring your the latest. You can also watch it live here on

Dayton police have not released any details on their investigation into a drive-by shooting that killed a 5-year-old boy.

But a Dayton police report filed indicates officers removed ammunition, handguns, clothing, drugs and drug paraphernalia from the home at 44 E. Bruce Ave.

At least nine bullets were fired from the street, striking the house at 44 E. Bruce Ave. on Saturday and fatally injuring Maleki Parker. He died at 6:10 p.m. Monday, according to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office. Maleki’s family earlier had asked that he be removed from life support.

Dayton police have asked for witnesses to come forward.

Some Dayton residents have organized a Walk to End the Violence for 6 p.m. today at East Bruce Avenue and North Main Street.

“The family is distraught,” said Denise Harris-Wood, who is related to the child’s grandmother. “He was at home, in his home, playing, when bullets… he got shot in the head.”

Harris-Wood said the family is convinced the shooting was random and there is no reason for anyone to have fired a weapon at the home.

“To take the life of a baby… just shooting randomly at houses? What is Dayton coming to?” she asked.

It was shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday when police were dispatched to the residence on a report of multiple shots fired. Dayton Sgt. Andrew Zecchini said people were sitting in the living room when the gunfire hit. The boy was hit once and taken initially to Good Samaritan Hospital. He was later transferred to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Anyone with information about the incident or anyone who saw anything Saturday night that could help in the police investigation is asked to call the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center at 937-225-4557, or provide an anonymous tip through Miami Valley Crime Stoppers at 937-222-STOP or 800-637-5735.