Coronavirus: Additional outdoor seating will soon be a reality for Dayton restaurants

Additional outdoor seating will soon be a reality for Dayton restaurants

DAYTON — The City of Dayton is currently working to finalize a guideline for restaurants that will allow additional outdoor seating. An application will be available June 1.

In what is being called the pilot phase, which will last to October 31, restaurants will be able to use some parking space to accommodate for the loss of indoor seating.

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News Center 7′s Sean Cudahy spoke with Emily Mendenhall, owner of Lily’s Bistro in the Oregon District.

Mendenhall said that while Lily's Bistro is lucky to have three outdoor eating spaces that are vital for social distancing, everyone is working with limited seating.

They also want to make sure they’re able to serve wine, beer and cocktails, the “full experience.”

“That’s what’s happening right now, is they’re making sure that the liquor laws are adjusted to be able to allow people to add some extra outdoor seating,” Mendenhall said.

Susan Vincent, a Dayton City Planner, noted closing entire streets is part of the conversation, but not the pilot.

“We had the sense that the city wanted to do more, but that they wanted to follow the right channels and hear from some of the business owners,” Mendenhall, who works with the Oregon District Business Association said. “Everyone’s trying to balance public health and safety and business.”

In addition to the application, there will be a form and likely a fee, which the City of Dayton is looking to waive.

While a guideline is in the works of being finalized, the City of Dayton will be flexible, making changes to create solutions that work for everyone.