Scammers try to profit on UD Flyers’ success

DAYTON — Ranked 6th in the nation, tickets to the University of Dayton’s men’s basketball games are a hot commodity.

One Flyers fan was willing to pay $200 to get a chance to see UD play, but later found out somebody almost ripped him off.

News Center 7's Josh Jackson spoke to that fan, and UD Athletics about why the team's success on the hardwood could play a role in these types of crimes.

“We’re sold out for the rest of the season,” said Scott DeBolt, UD senior associate athletic director.

One fan, who asked not to be named, said he was trying to purchase tickets on Craigslist to catch the Flyers play Saint Louis on Saturday at the University of Dayton Arena.

“It was four seats in the 100 section. I even talked to him. We traded messages back and forth and he actually called me,” the fan said.

But when the seller wanted to decline his PayPal payment because the funds would not be available immediately, not until the buyer approves the item, suspicions arose.

Next, the seller wanted to get him to send him money through CashApp.

“I said, ‘I’m not doing it via CashApp’ and then he starts to get kind of muscular,” the fan said.

The fan said he called the UD ticket office after that last encounter.

“I found out that the actual seats that he was giving me aren’t even in that section,” he said.

UD Athletics leaders say they see scams like this more often when the team is playing well.

“The more popular the ticket, the more you’re going to see everyone out there trying to make a quick buck or two,” DeBolt said.

The would-be victim said he was able to get his money back from PayPal, and said he learned a valuable lesson.

“I felt like I could trust him and I absolutely got violated and it was like you’re an idiot, you know?”

UD Athletics leaders suggest that when purchasing a ticket from someone, to make that exchange at the ticket office, where the tickets easily can be verified. Ticketmaster is UD’s official partner. The university is not affiliated with StubHub, Vivid Seats, Craigslist or any other ticket resale website.