Severe Weather Awareness: When do we see the most severe weather?

Severe Weather Awareness

The season for severe weather has arrived, but the odds of seeing strong storms are not the same all spring long. In fact, from the first day of spring to the last, those odds substantially increase.

In March, severe weather generally stays to the south in states like Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We generally see showers than thunderstorms in the Miami Valley in March.

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Once we head into April severe weather becomes more widespread across the eastern United States with tornadic activity picking up in Tornado Alley.

By May, Tornado Alley has become very active with a statistical bullseye for severe weather activity located over Oklahoma. While it is to a lower degree than Oklahoma, severe weather becomes more active in the Miami Valley in May as well.

Tornado Alley's center for peak activity then shifts north to Kansas and southern Nebraska in the month of June. At this point, Tornado Alley covers a large area from northern Texas to Kansas and Iowa.

A notable statistical increase in severe weather is found right here in the Miami Valley in June. In fact, Ohio is most likely to see a tornado in June than any other month.